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            Macro cell sites

            Rethinking how to expand your wireless network

            With the nonstop growth of cellular consumption and the shift toward 5G in the near future, wireless networks will need to rethink their approach to macro cell sites. Fortunately, we're already several steps ahead—ready to take on the future now.

            Fueled by our passion to always be at the forefront, we're constantly seeking revolutionary solutions to make base stations more efficient and effective in every possible way. From our innovative antenna systems and free-air cooling systems to easy-to-install outdoor enclosures—we're making the construction and maintaining of macro cell sites faster to market and more economical than ever before.

            With our fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA) solutions, we're re-inventing how fiber can be deployed more easily while saving tower space. Plus, we're constantly refining and improving the designs of our RF transmission systems as well as combining and filter solutions to minimize all burdensome attenuation and passive intermodulation (PIM) from any network.

            There’s no single path to 5G and no one-size-fits-all solution for any provider. That’s why you can trust CommScope to provide reliable, smart solutions that can help you better connect with your customers—today and tomorrow.

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