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            Integrated Platform Deployment Solution

            A fully assembled equipment base that reduces deployment costs and time

            Integrated Platform Deployment SolutionCommScope offers an innovative base-of-the-tower solution that's fully integrated and can be off the truck, installed and turned up in as little as four hours. The Integrated Platform Deployment Solution (IPDS) can be customized with a wide array of options, ranging from cabinets and generators to telco and load centers.

            IPDS is engineered to reduce CapEx and OpEx by delivering repeatable processes, simplified installations and faster deployments. Since we manufacture the platform, cabinets and most of the components, only CommScope has the unique expertise to deliver a complete solution that's fully factory assembled and tested.

            • Reduces CapEx and OpEx
            • Simpler installations
            • Speedier deployments
            • Standardized configurations
            • Factory-assured quality
            • Exceeds latest EIA/TIA code requirements
            • AISC-certified manufacturing processes

            For additional Structural Support Product information, please contact steelproducts@commscope.com or call 817-864-4112.