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            Structural Support Equipment

            CommScope provides structural support solutions that deliver stability, durability and precision for the most important networks in the world. Our premium structural support solutions reinforce your structure and optimize antenna performance. As a result, these solutions help you realize significant, long-term OpEx savings.

            Our support systems are suited to use on virtually any kind of tower, monopole, roof top structure or water tower. Each solution is engineered to meet or exceed the latest EIA/TIA code requirements, and conform to both ISO-9001 standards and AISC speci?cations.

            • Exceed latest EIA/TIA code requirements
            • Meet AISC specifications

            For additional Structural Support Product information, please contact steelproducts@commscope.com or call 817-864-4112.

            SnapStak? Plus and SnapTak

            Simplify cable site BOMs. Find the right size adjustable hanger to for all your fiber, power, hybrid and coaxial cables.