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            Communication Outlet System

            View all of our Communication Outlet System products below:

            The AMP CO system brings the convenience of modularity to patch panel connectivity. Modularity gives cabling infrastructure designers more options compared to standard, jack-based cabling systems. The significant advantage is the ability to change inserts, which makes for easy future installation of different connector interfaces, without touching the permanent link.

            AMP CO Ultra is the third generation of the AMP CO system. AMP CO Ultra features additional shielding enhancements and mechanical improvements, such as a two-piece full-metal housing. AMP CO Ultra patch panels and wall outlets come with this new metal housing, which makes for easier, faster terminations. AMP CO Ultra is designed to support all performance categories from Category 3 telephony up to Category 7A, and a quick-fit kit makes AMP CO Ultra compatible with our universal connectivity platform (UCP).

            • Offers Class D, E, EA, F and FA in one system
            • Sheath sharing offers up to four services over one cable
            • For all services—Ethernet, ISDN, analog telephony, audio, video, CATV
            • Supports 1 Gb/s and 10 Gb/s
            • Changeable inserts allow adaption to different interfaces
            • Faster terminations for AMP CO edge connectors using the quick-termination pistol-grip tool with automatic wire cutting (AWC)
            • Works with all major designer faceplate series and installation environments
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